A Bump in the Road

Hey everyone! It’s been way too long since I have been on my blog and I felt the need to write on here again. Things on the farm have been super busy as I have really been playing “catch up” in a lot of areas of my responsibilities. I had fallen so far behind in bookkeeping for our company and staying on top of things on a regular basis. My New Years resolution was to be more organized, be more hospitable and not let things fall behind. Well, that’s a super big challenge!! It’s going well though. It has been a blessing to us as a family and it feels nice to be on top of things and get them done right when they need to be done instead of shrugging it off to be finished later.

As I mentioned in an earlier post that my recovery from the back surgery I had last May has been going so well. I hit a bit of a bump in the road and I’ve been trying to wrap my brain around that one. Over the last month I’ve had quite a lot of pain and discomfort especially when sitting. I’ve been in contact with my surgeon and have tried to figure out what could be causing it. My husband thought it may have been from the workouts I tried to do. I am not sure. I feel guilty in a way because maybe I should have waited longer before trying so hard to crush my goals.

I was super nervous to book an appointment with my doctor here because of the fear of what he would say or how he would react. We recently changed doctors, since driving to Medicine Hat for our regular doctor just seemed too far out of the way since our move to the farm. This was the first time seeing a doctor here since my surgery, and I was shaking. Sometimes you just fear the reaction or treatment you will receive when you know they may not agree with your choice. Well I was pleasantly surprised! He walked in and I told him the whole story from A-Z and told him about the pain I am experiencing now. First of all let me say this, I still don’t regret getting the precedure done, and the pain is nothing compared to before the surgery. But still, it’s uncomfortable. He listened patiently and then examined the area. He was able to pinpoint the pain and it’s cause almost immediately. I was so relieved! He says there is a lump of scar tissue at the bottom of my stump and when I sit or lean back it slips over the stump causing pain and discomfort. He gave me an injection to freeze the whole area and see if that would give  me relief.

It did! Instantly!

I was so thankful!! Well, that sure helped to narrow down the treatment options quickly. I have the option of getting regular steroid injections into the soft tissue surrounding the stump, which will give me relief for a few months at a time. The downside to that is it can cause the soft tissue to become too thin with time, which is not what they want to see happen. Or I can have a procedure done where they would burn the nerve that goes down to the stump, causing the area to be numb and have no sensation until the nerve regrows which takes about 2 and half years or so. He is more than willing to work together with my surgeon to figure out the best option for me. I was so blessed to that! He wanted to know the surgeons opinion. So, I immediately sent the surgeon a text (yes we have a close relationship like that, lol) and am waiting for him to get back to me. My doctor ordered an X-ray to make sure nothing has shifted or changed to rule out a few things.

The X-ray tech absolutely made my day, though. She came and took a few images and then went to check to images and came back to me with the most puzzled look on her face. She asked “Did you have your tailbone completely removed, because I can’t find it” And oh, if only I could be serious in pulling someone’s leg I would have had a little fun with her and asked “What do you mean you can’t find it?” But, I just burst out laughing. I couldn’t help myself! I said yes and it wasn’t there anymore and she went on to explain that the doctor had not been very clear on what he was looking for on the X-ray so she was a little confused. I explained it to her and she proceeded to take a few more images. When I talked to a friend after my appointment she told me that I totally should have had some fun with her about not finding my tailbone, but I just can’t keep a straight face.

Anyway, that’s all for now. This mama is tired. I will try to post more regularly and keep you updated on stuff. I know a few of you have been praying for me and I appreciate that so incredibly much. God knows the plans he has for me and I’m choosing to trust in Him. God is so good.

I hope you have a great weekend.




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