Chicken Soup

As a teen I was trying to deal with a lot of “stuff” from childhood and it was still ongoing. My favourite way to deal and cope was to read Chicken Soup books. I think I own most of the versions that applied to my life. I always found encouragement in those pages knowing that I was not the only one going through tough stuff. I have been thinking that I need a Chicken Soup for this stage of life I’m in. Just to read others’ stories and find encouragement in those pages again.

It’s been way too long since I’ve posted and those who know me personally know how extremely busy I’ve been. My healing has been nothing short of miraculous and I praise God for it every single day. I have zero pain and have been able to return to ALL of my usual work. My studies are going really well and I’m 6 weeks into my studies on Accounting. I have learned so incredibly much that I never knew existed or pertained to a corporate business. I know this will be a huge blessing to us as we try to run and grow our business. Despite the challenge of trying to complete my work while being a busy Mom and wife, my grades have been amazing and I’m super proud of myself.

Tuesday morning I broke. I sat on the floor and sobbed. The pressure seemed to have caught up with me. I felt overwhelmed by my workload. This week required me to do twice as much homework as I’ve had to deal with so far. I felt like I was drowning and didn’t see a way to make it work. My husband came and sat down beside me and said “Tell me what’s wrong. Help me to understand so I can help you”. He’s a real gem, by the way 🙂 I tried to explain myself to him. As my words came jumbling out of my mouth he started to chuckle. He says “You are way too hard on yourself. We all understand that this is something you need to do right now. We can all help around the house more, and if you teach me, I’ll do  the bookkeeping until your done your schooling. It’s going to be ok” Can I just say that I feel beyond blessed to have such an amazing person by my side. Trust me, the road here has not been an easy one and we’ve had our share of struggles, but I feel like in the last few years we have really learned how to just work together and be more open. It has been such a blessing that I feel at a loss for words over how great our God is!!

So, here I sit trying to sort my thoughts out. Yes I need to get to work on my homework again, but I felt this morning, that I really need to write. It’s a stress reliever for me, as I’ve said before.

I do feel like I’m a pretty crappy friend right now, as I take my schooling very serious and it’s a high priority for me right now, so please don’t feel like I’m just bailing on you. I pray for all my friends on a daily basis in hope that God will help you understand. I feel so bad when I get asked to join something or get invited somewhere and I say no. I don’t want to say no, but I know I need to. People who know me, will understand. I truly believe that.

I think my desire for some Chicken Soup inspired me to actually cook some chicken soup. Thanks to my mother-in-law and wonderful sister-in-laws for helping me, all of my chickens are out of the barn and in my freezer. So, last night I cooked some really yummy chicken soup and it was a huge hit! The kids ate multiple bowls, as did my hubby. It was warming to the soul. Chicken soup does that, you know. My Mom used to always cook it when anyone was feeling down or just “out of sorts” and so the tradition carries on. Some people cook it when it’s cold out or someone is sick, but for me it goes beyond that.

As I conclude this morning, I just want to say that I am overwhelmed by the amount of prayers we’ve gotten over the last few months and that I appreciate it so much. God is so good. I had never dreamed that I would feel this great!! I thought my recovery would last much, much longer and it has given me an opportunity to try and help others I know who suffer from back problems and direct them to find the help they need. I have given a lot of people the surgeon’s phone number and I pray for them. I pray that their procedures would go as well as mine and that God would grant them the healing I’ve received. I feel blessed beyond words to have gotten my life back again. To be able to work and not be in pain is so incredible! To plan things and know that I’ll be able to participate is so freeing!

Have a happy Friday everyone and enjoy the weekend. Enjoy the beauty of the leaves turning and God’s display of handiwork around you!



blessings all

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