Just a little update…

So I’m sure that you’ve been waiting for another update. A few people have asked me already to post my progress again. I’ve been meaning to, but with the kiddos out of school our household is a little busier.

My infection seems to be clearing up. The wound is looking good and the stitches were removed on Tuesday night. I was super excited thinking that I would be able to shower right away, but I texted the surgeon and he said that I needed to wait a few days until the holes from the stitches were scabbed over. So I continued to wait in extreme patience for Friday to come.

I texted him again yesterday morning and asked if I was now able to shower. I also attached a picture of my wound and he was impressed with how it was looking. He replied in the evening saying I was now cleared for a shower and asked about my progress, pain level and told me to continue with the pain meds because I will need them for a while yet. Well, I’m almost out so that means at some point soon I’ll have to make a trip to my doctor in Medicine Hat (who I’m not looking forward to seeing). Travel is hard because I can’t sit yet and so I have to lay reclined and every tiny bump is excruciating! I’ve tried to be on my feet more and more each day, trying to build up some endurance (at least enough to be able to stand through a church service) but it will be a few weeks yet before I’ll be able to go.

My shower last night was absolutely glorious!! 4 weeks without a shower seemed like forever. I just longed for a nice, long, hot shower!! This morning I woke up to a lot of pain due to being on my feet too much yesterday so I went and lay in the tub with lavender oil to help ease the aching. It helped my muscles relax, that’s true, but my pain continues!! I’m not sure why I keep pushing myself so hard. I already know the consequences of being on my feet too much, but I keep doing it. Mostly I think it’s because of boredome, but also partly due to the fact I feel like I just want to return to my normal duties again. My hubby has been amazing beyond words and has been patient with me. He takes care of me so much and I am beyond blessed!! The kids have been doing an amazing job with jobs around the house as well.

I feel a great need for a spiritual filling. I have been listening to Dr. Charles Stanley and also have been doing my daily devotions as well as listen to music. But, on top of all of that, sometimes you just really feel the need to go to church and be surrounded by familiar faces and enjoy the fellowship and the service. I think I especially feel this way because we always tried to be in church every Sunday if we could, and now to not be there for a month already seems like a very long time!! In the bible it talks about how the disciples encouraged themselves. Sometimes that is what we have to do because sometimes the people around you don’t know exactly what you need for spiritually filling, but we can pray about it and God helps us.

We have enjoyed all the visitors and the prayers and the amazing food (which has been a huge struggle for me). We know we are loved and cared for. We have amazing people in our life!! God is so good! Please continue to pray for us if we come to your mind.


blessings all.


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