Two things have played out in the last couple of days that I feared the most.

#1 is: infection

#2 is: attitude by medical staff at the local hospital

Saturday I woke up to throbbing pain at my surgical site and wondered if I had maybe slept in a funny position to create the pain I was feeling. John had lovingly cleaned and sanitized my wound the night before and bandaged me up again. It feels so much better after a dressing change! Maybe the feeling comes with knowing that my wound has been taken care of. John had men’s breakfast at church and then stayed to help with the landscaping project. I was feeling achy and out of sorts all day. The throbbing would not stop or ease or go away. I didn’t want to take extra painkillers so I toughed it out. I was by myself most of the day. My sister-in-law came for a visit around noon and took little E with her. The boys had gone with hubby in the morning. I tried to get some sleep in the afternoon but sleep would not come. I browsed Pinterest and Facebook and did some reading and colouring but the ache and uneasiness would not go away. John came home around 7:30pm and he ate supper and helped the kiddos take a shower and get them into bed. I calmly explained to him what I had been feeling and explained that I hadn’t felt it urgent enough to call him home. I feel like he’s dropped so many things lately to help that I didn’t want to bother him. I know he would have come home the second I had called him. I asked him to look at my wound and see if there was something wrong.

He removed the bandage and muttered under his breath “Shit, it’s swollen” I could tell he was really disappointed!! We have been so careful in the cleaning and care of the whole area. I have tried to follow the doctors orders as best I can. We have not had anyone in the home that was sick (not to my knowledge anyway) so it was a disappointment for both of us. He took a picture and I messaged it to the surgeon. He replied almost immediately with the same disappointment we felt, but also concern. He said we needed to seek medical attention as soon as possible and get a prescription for an antibiotic. Well it was really late by this time and the kiddos were asleep after a long day so I wasn’t about to wake them up and drag them to a hospital in the middle of the night. Although squeamish, I convinced John to give me my last pain injection. I had one remaining shot and I really needed it! He did it and did a good job. I was proud of him considering he absolutely does not like doing anything of this sort! He said he had such a hard time giving our calves the medication they needed after they were attacked by dogs, never mind giving a shot to his wife. I tried to get some sleep, but again, sleep was hard. One does not sleep well when you know there’s an infection brewing and your backside is throbbing!

This morning we ate breakfast and the kiddos got ready and he took me in to the local hospital. My first glance of disapproval came from the receptionist. Her attitude changed as soon as I told her what I was in to see a doctor for. The second one came from the nurse who took me into triage. We were not even in the room yet and she says “You stupid people think you can go to Mexico and have surgery done and then come back here and expect us to fix their mistakes. You probably go out there to visit family and think that you can just get surgery done and all will be good” Well. I looked at her in disbelief. I replied “I’m sorry, but we don’t go there to visit family. We have no family there. We go there to vacation. I am not here for you to fix a mistake. I am here because I need more antibiotics. I have asked for help here for 2 years without anyone willing to do my surgery and I found out about this great surgeon there who has helped many people whom I have talked to personally. Not that it’s any of your business but I did not do this lightly. I did my research. I wouldn’t trust just anyone to cut me open, let alone in a different country”. She made me lie down and removed my bandage. She said the doctor would be in shortly.

The doctor came in (also a little skeptical) until he lifted the blanket and examined the wound. He said “Wow, he did a great job with that wound, but yes, it does look a little infected. I see you’ve taken really good care of it because it is very clean”. He went on to ask a few questions and I told him that my antibiotics had run out a few days ago and I needed some more to stop the infection before it got a lot worse. He explained that for future trips to the doctor, I needed a written report from my surgeon explaining what he had done and medications I had used. The surgeon didn’t get around to sending the report along with me but he’s going to email it this week. He said he got so caught up with seeing his patients and making sure everyone was taken care before he went home to see his family and celebrate the graduation of his daughter. I understand that. Life is busy! So anyway, he will send me a detailed report this week to hopefully make future trips in to go a little more smoothly. The nurse had to come back and bandage me up again, and she tried to make small talk (as if trying to cover up her earlier attitude) but in the process did a horrible job with the bandage!! I’m sure it was out of spite. My husband (who is not a trained professional) does a way better job!! The doctor said I could come back anytime and especially if my symptoms do not improve.

I’ve had this nagging feeling the whole time that I would get an infection. I don’t know why I thought that. I’ve prayed about it though and left it in God’s hands. Like I said, we do a really good job taking care of the wound and I try not to be on my feet too much. John thinks I did too much walking the other day when I ventured outside for the first time since coming home. I just went to see my goats and pigs but he thinks it was too much. Maybe it was. Regardless of why, I’ll be staying inside and on the couch I guess. It sucks. There’s only so much browsing and reading and colouring one can do before feeling like you’re gonna lose your mind!!

I just want to say that we have been so extremely blessed by everyone who has come to visit and brought food. It’s been so good! We really appreciate it. God bless you all for your kindness. Please keep us in your prayers and hopefully this infection  will be stopped in its tracks.

I think I’ll watch some TV until John gets home with the kiddos from the Father’s Day supper his Mom had prepared.

blessings all.


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