Bump in the Road….

So, here’s to the bump in the road….and all because of chicken soup.

Now let me explain….I faithfully waited until exactly 4:45pm to confirm our flight for our return home tomorrow. John had walked to Wal-Mart to buy me the chicken soup base that I wanted to take home with us. We can buy it Canada but it’s a lot more expensive. So, as fate would have it, we were doing this at the same time….that shouldn’t make a huge difference to anyone except the fact that he forgot exactly which one I had wanted and how many. Well, I was just in the middle of my confirmation (waiting for my credit card to be approved) when he calls me. Well I had a split-second decision to make and I made the wrong one. I answered his call. I told him I was in the middle of our confirmation and wasn’t sure if my page would finish loading if I was on the phone or if I would have to start all over again. I explained which one I wanted and hung up the phone. When I returned to my page, my heart sank and I starting sobbing uncontrollably! There were a few OptionPlus seats available when I was waiting for my card to go through and in those few moments of talking on the phone, they had been snatched up and the only seat remaining for me now was at the very back of the aircraft. I felt so defeated. I was so angry at myself!! I cried and cried. John came back and tried to comfort me and encourage me. Yes, this is a bump in the road. My plan of having a more comfortable seat has gone down the drain.

I have no idea how tomorrow will go, but I know who goes before me and I know who holds my hand. I’m much calmer now. I have put it out of my mind. We will face the day one moment at a time, and, little by little we will get through it.

The suitcases are all packed. Our flight is confirmed. I have one final appointment tomorrow to get my bandages changed and an injection for pain before we head out. I will not be posting another update until we are back at home. Please pray for us.


blessings all.

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