7 Days and Needing Grace

7 days post-op and hanging in there! I had to have my second hip injection on Saturday afternoon, and boy oh boy, that was painful!! I’ve had the issue in my right hip since I was pregnant with R, and it’s always been uncomfortable, but massage therapy seems to help. We’ll see how long-term these injections will be. I’m glad he did the first one during surgery while I was all numb and had no feeling in my backside. I’m glad I didn’t know what to expect; I would have been terrified!

I have struggled with increasing pain levels every day since surgery. Each day seemed worse than the day before. How much can a person take before throwing your hands up in the air and saying “I need help. I can’t take it anymore.” I reached that point on Saturday. Right now I’m ever so thankful for the increased pain meds. It helps me cope much better. Dr. Max didn’t want to have to resort to the prescribing of narcotics, but he was left little choice, if I didn’t want to be writhing in pain all day and night. He was hoping, as was I, that the original meds would do enough. Well, I’m on pretty strong codeine now, and it has brought my pain level from an excruciating 10 to a much more bearable 4 or 5; sometimes even a 3. My head feels pretty “loopy” but the comfort in my rear is so much better that it’s worth the foggy brain that comes with it.

Last night I was really proud of myself! I made it down to the pool area after the sun went down. The doctor told me to try and stay indoors as much as possible during the day, as to not cause exhaustion to my body that the heat and humidity bring. It’s understandable, but hard to do! On Saturday evening, after my first dose of codeine, I ventured outside of the room for the first time since being transferred back here after surgery. It was so glorious!! Oh to feel the warm air on my face! I only made it up to the gym room before I had to turn back. To give you a bit of a picture, the gym room is about halfway to the pool. Not sure exactly how far the distance would be in measurement, but it takes me a LOT longer than the average, able-bodied person. The kids were so patient with my sloth-paced steps and one or the other held my hand the entire time. Last night I thought to myself, “I can make it to the pool. I will time my walk to my meds kicking in and give it a try.” So I did. I took my meds at the appointed time and waited for them to kick in. Then we made the very slow journey down. This time only one person stayed with me at a time. I was ok with that. I know it’s boring to walk so slow. They lapped me many times, walking back and forth to the pool and back to me again multiple times before I even reached the halfway mark. A big grin lit up my face as I walked past the gym room. I was determined to keep going!! I made it to the pool eventually and situated myself on a lounge chair. I was thankful for the emptiness of the area. Most people like to enjoy the pool in the heat of the day, and it’s quite empty as the sun goes down. The kids played in the pool, as I lay there and took in the scenery and the beauty around me. They have learned so much from being in the water every day!! Little E had lost quite a bit of confidence after an incident on a swimming trip with her class, but John has helped her to overcome her fear of water. She was swimming like a little fish!! I was super proud of her. Master J has never liked to have his face wet and he was doing so well!! I was so proud. He was doing flips and going under water! Mister R, who is quite clumsy and ‘all over the place’, has become much more coordinated in the water!

While it was so good to be out, I later regretted pushing myself so hard. As the pain meds began to wear off again, I became very uncomfortable. The pain was too much! I had to wait until I could take more meds and it was very hard to do. I did not fall asleep until 3am last night. I was able to sleep until 8am, though. A 5 hour night is bliss compared to the 1-2 hours I was getting before the meds were increased. I know I shouldn’t push my body too hard, as it will just make the recovery slower in the end. I know I need to set more reasonable goals for myself and give myself the grace that every day may not be the same. Some days my goals will be possible, while other days they will not. I’m ever so thankful for the support and encouragement I have been receiving. It helps me more than I know how to put into words.

My newest goal will be to try and get up on my own without the assistance of someone pulling me up. I am fiercely independent, and, while I want to accomplish that goal, that little word “grace” nags me at the back of my mind.

My biggest prayer request for the moment is to heal up enough to withstand the long flight back home. Our flight here was really smooth and  I’m praying for the same on the way back. We are flying with WestJet airlines and I know they are very accommodating to any special needs you may have. I am going to book myself into a Plus seat for the journey home, so I have more space to stretch myself out and also be closer situated to the washroom.

I’m also a bit nervous about aftercare back at home. I’m wondering how I’ll be treated by my doctor if the stitches are not ready to be removed before we go home. Will he do it for me? Will he refuse me service due to the fact that I got my surgery done in a different country? Will he prescribe more pain meds or anti-inflammatories if I need them? I need to ease my mind by claiming the promises God gives me in His Word. Take it one day at a time and one situation at a time. I need to give myself grace…


blessings all.



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