First blog post

Hey everyone! So this is actually my second venture into the blog world. The first time I had a blog, I was a Consultant for a craft company, so I would post tutorials and crafting ideas. Life has taken me down a very different path since then. While I still enjoy crafting, it is not my main objective anymore.

I love to write. I feel like if I put my thoughts into words it helps to actually process what I am going through. Weird, right? I need someone or something to bounce my thoughts and ideas off of in oder to process and move forward. Sometimes I just don’t want to bother my close friends and family with all my issues and if I journal (or in this case, blog) about it, it becomes my bounding board (if there’s such a thing).

My husband and I have always dreamt of owning our own farm and raising animals. It wasn’t a reality for us until just a year ago, when we were finally able to afford the place we had our eye on. It wasn’t anything spectacular or beautiful, but we saw the potential and the price was just right to be able to afford putting in the TLC the place needed. Until we purchased this property, we had been living in our first home in a small town. We bought that home just a few months before our wedding, 11 years ago. It was a relatively fair-sized home with 4 bedrooms and basement. The location was not something we considered when we purchased it, though. It was situated right alongside a major highway. As our kiddos came along, we realized it was not ideal, or a safe place to raise them. So our hunt began to find a place in the country. We found this little gem of a place and the papers were drawn up. It was really neat how the timeline worked out. May 1st was the date of finalization and our journey commenced on our wedding date of June 12th. fast forward ten years, and our finalization date of this property was May 1st and it was officially ours by June 12th (our 10th anniversary). All in God’s perfect timing! We are beyond blessed.

Preparing this farm for our family has been a hard journey and it is still ongoing. We have many hopes and dreams for this place. We started by renovating the tiny little home. As a family of 5, it’s a bit on the small side (with only 2 bedrooms), but we have made it work. It’s a cozy place and our hope is for everyone to feel welcome who walks through our doors. We purchased a few goats, and the kids were so thrilled!! It was such a neat experience for them to have animals on the yard. That was followed by a  dog, a few cats, and most recently, calves, a pig and chicks! Yes, our quaint little place has become quite a zoo, but I love every single moment of it. Our sow had 10 piglets last week (2 of which have since died) but the rest seem to be doing very well. Our one goat had a little one this spring also, so that has been such a fun experience as well.

I have been struggling with some health issues, though, so that makes every day a challenge. We have been blessed beyond words, but yet this road of life is a tough one. I broke my tailbone (or the proper term- coccyx) in January of 2014 and the aftermath of that has been horrible! I am actually having surgery to remove the tailbone on May 30th. I feel that posting about my journey will give me something to do, and hopefully be able to encourage someone else who may be going through something similar. My second health issue is of a more personal nature, which I am not yet completely comfortable discussing with the general public  just yet. I may get to the point of sharing, but I am just not there yet….

I will have to cut this post short, as my power will be cut off in a few moments so the power line can be moved. will update again later.


blessings all.

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